Having a beautiful lawn lush with grasses makes it compulsory to learn how to mow a lawn. Then, one should know when the grass should be mowed and other tips. If you are a new gardener and want to learn about mowing more, follow the below-given steps and become a pro-

How to mow a lawn?

When mowing, ensure that you only have to cut 1/3 of the grass. Following this rule will make your lawn healthy and look well-trimmed, and more welcoming.

Tips To Cut The Grass

The rule of thumb is that gardeners should only mow 1/3 of the grass blade. Sticking to this rule is the secret to a lush and healthy lawn that looks neat, well-maintained, and welcoming.

If you cut your grass shorter or not regularly enough, it will ruin your lawn. However, by practising this method, you can easily master it. And if at initial times you cut the grass too close, do not stress because it would not destroy your lawn instantly.

1. The grass length should be around 5 cm to 8 cm. But if you cut the grass in the wrong way often, it will cause the following problems-

  • Grass becomes brown
  • Grow in patchy form
  • Increase in weed growth
  • Susceptible to disease
  • Not much growth of grasses

2. Time and Direction When Mowing The Lawn Grass

  • Mow in a forward direction
  • Always switch to a new direction each time
  • Dry grass is the most suitable for mowing lawn grass.
  • Mow once in a week; a little trim is all they need

3. Tips you should keep in mind before Mowing

  • Remove all the debris and pebbles on the lawn. It can be any kind of waste or unwanted things.
  • Have proper footwear and dress yourself in protection gear. Ensure to protect your eyes and ears.
  • Remove plastic bags and properly discharge the grass clipping.
  • Do not allow children or pets to be near the area you are mowing
  • After the Mowing of the lawn is done, sweep the lawn waste immediately.
  • Take care of the mower machine and maintain it regularly.

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Know the right timing and the perfect way to mow your lawn. Learn with the easy steps to get the perfect welcoming lawn. This article will tell you all about Mowing and more.