It is always great to enhance your knowledge about things we are involved in on a day-to-day basis. While planning for a new fence and deciding the best fence installation service provider, it is important that you understand certains terms that are commonly used in this sector. By knowing these terms, it helps you communicate and negotiate better with the fencing installation service providers.

Though some terms can be understood easily, there are a few others that need a bit of analysis. Worry not, being your paving and landscaping service provider, we have decided to help you know those common terms used in the fence installation.

Are you aware of the term ‘Entrance Gate’?

When it comes to fencing, the term Entrance Gate can have various meanings, but mostly all are related. It refers to the gates used in the fencing installation. To some entrance gate can be an opening that acts as an entry to their house or property. While to others it can also be a pool gate to prevent kids or pets from going towards the pool unsupervised or even a courtyard gate. Entrance gates leading into a property are usually aesthetic.

Have you heard of ‘Picket Fence’?

Picket fence can be used to define the boundaries of a property or garden or even used as a pool fence. For picket fences, white is the most preferred colour and wood is the most desirable choice of material.

Do you know what ‘Terminal Post’ is?

Terminal post provides support to your fencing that can be found towards the corner/ end/ gate post of a fence. It’s the load bearing part of the fence.