There is no denying that driveways hold the first impression to your visitors in all aspects. Driveways also have the potential to help others know what to expect inside as well. Marking the very entry to your home is one of the key purposes of driveways. It becomes highly crucial that you ensure the driveways of your home are built with much attention.

In this blog, we will help you understand the types of driveway materials and things you must know before selecting the perfect one for your home. So read on!

Are you aware of the Sustainable Drainage System a.k.a SuDS Regulations? As per this regulation, all new and replacement installations over 5 square meters must be made of permeable materials that allow rainwater to pass through. Some of the SuDS compliant materials are gravel, permeable concrete block pavers, porous asphalt, etc. Now let’s understand the choices you have while selecting your driveway materials.

Types of driveway materials available:

  • Permeable block pavers
  • Permeable concrete
  • Permeable tarmac
  • Porcelain paving
  • Resin-bound products
  • Stone pavers
  • Gravel
  • Reinforced grass paving

Permeable block pavers give a neat and finished look. They come in various colours and styles and are easy to re-do if damaged. Permeable concrete is a hard-wearing and low maintenance driveway material that requires professional installation. Permeable tarmac is long-lasting and cost-effective but has fewer colour options. Gravel and reinforced grass pavings are the most affordable and porous driveway materials. Confused? Worry not as we will help you choose the perfect driveway materials as per your needs. Contact us today.

Factors to consider when choosing the right type of driveway material for your home

Your Budget

The amount of money you will be ready to shell out for your driveways is the main factor when deciding your choice of driveway materials. If you have a tight budget, then opt for affordable options such as gravel, concrete, asphalt etc. Or if money isn’t a matter to you then go for granite or travertine tile for those high-end driveways.

Driveway size

Some houses have long driveways, which requires you to opt out of the pricey materials. You can opt for lower cost driveway materials for the main areas, then work around some other options to make your exteriors look grand such as having a beautiful gate, building landscaped gardens and much more.

Local climate

Take account of the climate in your area before selecting the materials for your driveway. Grass driveways are a wrong choice if you have to water them throughout the year. Likewise, make it a point to discuss with your paving and landscaping company the effect of snow, heat and other climatic conditions on your chosen driveway material.

Purpose of your driveway

Does your driveway face a lot of footfalls? Will your kids be playing basketball there? In such cases, you must invest in durable and easy to clean driveway materials. Otherwise, if your driveways are meant to enhance the overall appearance of your home, then opt for high-end and stylish materials.

We hope these tips will help you find the right type of driveway materials. We at Paving and Landscaping Experts can aid you in all your queries regarding driveways. Our team will professionally install the best driveways to add the kerb appeal to your home.
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